Jeraldo VergaraJeraldo Vergara
12:53 02 Jun 22
As a manager of Buildings, working with reliable companies is a must in order to achieve success. Universal Fireproof Door is no exception. From the moment the contracts are signed you know your dealing with a top notch company. We highly recommend this company and wouldn't consider working with another company for our Door needs. Great job Universal Fireproof Doors.
Celeste DouglasCeleste Douglas
18:23 27 Apr 22
My doors are beautiful. The installation was flawless. They are strong doors, expertly made and installed correctly. The guys who came were terrific. They were professional and nice guys. Thanks Universal. I will be back.
Carolyn RuffinCarolyn Ruffin
22:07 04 Mar 22
I recently made a purchase of two fireproof doors from Universal Fireproof Door Co. My experience with them was very positive and professional. I have purchased a total of five doors for a property that I own and have nothing but compliments for this very efficient company. I would recommend them again and again. Carolyn Ruffin
Mike RizzoMike Rizzo
16:26 17 Nov 21
I recently placed an order for custom fireproof doors for my boiler room, and working with Ashley was an absolute pleasure. She was super knowledgeable, thorough, quick to return calls and emails and answered all of my questions -- when this is my first time purchasing anything like this! (so i had a lot of them) She walked me through the steps and the order was complete and ready to pickup in two weeks. The doors and materials look of quality that i expected and order seems to be all accurate. Definitely would recommend this place and asking for her! - Mike
Javier SabogalJavier Sabogal
21:01 01 Oct 21
Very good job. They were very responsive and helpful.

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Need A Custom Size Roof Hatch or Cellar Door?

Cellar Door Units

Is there a basement in your home?  Are there bulkhead cellar doors in your basement?  Do you want to improve the bulkhead door in your basement?

In a garage or basement, a cellar door usually provides access from the outside of the home to a basement or crawl space. These bulkhead doors are sometimes called storm doors, and they’re usually found on the side of houses or in cement additions to the foundation with stairs.

Get full access to your basement with our Galvanneal Steel Cellar Doors. Adding code-compliant living space or storage areas to your home is easy with Ufire doors. In the event of a fire in the basement, these prevent smoke from entering your living spaces by completely sealing the opening between your house and any vulnerable spaces. 

Adding a basement door to a home can enable the homeowner to add a room or storage area that complies with local building codes. The wide opening of the cellar door makes it easy to transport large items such as pool supplies and patio furniture for storage to finished areas. 


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A cellar door will make you feel safer when you walk through it. With a cellar door, you can quickly move large items such as a games table, furniture for a finished room, pool supplies, or furniture for a storage area. The doors are durable, long-lasting, and fire-rated. Moreover, these cellar doors can be ordered in 2 configurations: the single swinging door style and the double door hinge style which are durable and easy to paint and protect against smoke damage from a basement fire.

Meet The Reason Why

YOU should double check your cellar door
  • Older homes are most likely to have bulkheads, but basements in other homes may also contain bulkheads. Most of the time, the basement bulkhead was the only way into the basement, so it was an important part of the home. It's true that you can only access a basement through an exterior bulkhead door in many older homes. Back then, homeowners didn't want a door in their living room (or another room) that led into a basement.
  • Generally, when someone mentions their basement we do not imagine what we usually envision when we hear the word "basement". Many basements have been finished today. Modern homes often make use of their basements for extra living space. Historically, basements were anything from a dirt floor space where the oil tank was stored to a small, dark basement-like room called a "root cellar." You definitely did not want to hang around these basement spaces.
  • There is usually an interior stairwell in basements with a bulkhead that leads to the basement door and a doorway. In addition to providing (legal) egress for the basement bedroom, the bulkhead is also an additional entryway into the basement (if you intend to use it as an income suite).
  • Visiting our store is a great idea if you want your cellar door to match the interior of your home, provide complete safety, and complement the exterior.
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